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Wilshire Guest Room

Doing Our Part

Los Angeles' Premier Urban Green Hotel

Our Luxe LA Green Hotel

At Kimpton Hotel Wilshire, we have the environment in mind. We are proud to do our part to care for our environment and reduce our carbon footprint, and yours, as a green hotel. From recycled materials to high efficiency cooling systems and a preference for clean-air vehicles, we’ve made sustainability a priority.

Protecting Our Resources

  • Water efficient fixtures installed, low-volume flush toilets, faucets and urinals that save thousands of gallons of water per year
  • A full building recycling program to divert waste from a landfill
  • Innovative strategies include use of non-toxic, green cleaning products and integrated pest management strategies
  • Water efficient landscaping

Limiting Energy Consumption

  • High efficiency HVAC systems designed to be significantly more efficient than even the stringent California Energy Code
  • High reflective roofing material reduces “Heat Island Effect” and heat gain within the building
  • Enhanced commissioning of the building's energy systems ensure the installed equipment is operating as designed
  • All lighting is high-efficacy, LED lighting


  • Approximately 10% of building materials were extracted, processed and manufactured regionally to promote local business growth
  • Over 80% of construction waste was recycled and diverted from landfills
  • Use of low-VOC emitting luxury materials including adhesives and sealants, paints, coatings and flooring systems
  • Indoor air-quality management plan was used during construction to remove irritating chemicals emitted by carpet, paint, glues, sealants, and coatings

Getting Around

  • Electric vehicle charging stations and designated clean-air vehicle parking spaces
  • Located near public transit stops
  • Custom-designed PUBLIC bikes available to borrow for a ride around town